Slightly Interesting Now Has Email!

August 26, 2007

Now you can contact me, submit Slightly Interesting news and harrass me with my Slightly Interesting email address:

Out-of-body experience recreated

August 24, 2007

Experts have found a way to trigger an out-of-body experience in volunteers.

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The Size Of Our World

July 7, 2007

It’s a small world. Literally.


Cook Hot Dogs – With Electricity!

July 5, 2007

Forks, Electricity, Hotdogs and sickness for 3 weeks.

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July 5, 2007

“It’s a squid, it’s an octopus, it’s … a mystery from the deep.”

“War, who termed the specimen “octosquid” for the way it looked, said it was about a foot long, with white suction cups, eight tentacles and an octopus head with a squidlike mantle.”

Yeah, It’s a freaking Octopus! Nothing new! We’ve known about them since like forever.

Slightly Interesting

July 4, 2007

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